Askot Ship Agents, Inc. caters to the interest of our Principals who have ships docking at Philippine Ports. Expert agent-representatives look into documentation and ship-husbanding needs of vessels docking at any port in the Philippines at any time. Services include connection made with Philippine Ports Authorities, Brokers, Shippers, Truckers, Chandlers and Consignees. Askot Ship Agents even looks into the needs of the vessels, their crew, and their cargo at reasonable cost.

Besides providing regular ship-husbanding services, Askot Ship Agents, Inc., has a database that can propose cargo that can be transported from ports to and from the Philippines, or from any possible port-to-port destination of any of the known-vessels its Principals manage or operate.

Askot Ship Agents, Inc. has its office in the same building as the rest of the maritime companies of the Albar Group. Staffed with experienced personnel, its personnel is on-call on a 24-hour, 7-day basis, especially, when there are vessels that need ship-husbanding services.

For more information/inquiries regarding Askot Ship Agents, Inc., send an email to

Askot Ship Agents, Inc.

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