The birth of many ship managers in the mid 1970s and early 1980s and the cyclical downturns in the freight market forced ship owners to cut cost by changing registration of their ships to flag of convenience and second registers which permitted employment of seafarers from developing countries. From then on, the influx of Filipinos to man ocean-going vessels started to increase. It was not long for ship owners and managers to discover the mettle of the Filipino seafarer, and henceforth, started hiring them. Filipinos became known to be skilled and competent seafarers, and, compared to their counterparts in the western world, could be employed with crewing costs which are very much lower.

ALBAR SHIPPING AND TRADING CORPORATION has been in the business of hiring seafarers since 1974. It takes pride in saying that it has 30 years of experience in manning and crewing which gives it the resources of having a pool of skilled and good seamen.

As manning/crewing agents in the Philippines, we supply competitive and qualified Filipino seafarers to our foreign principals and ship managers to man different types of vessels such as chemical tankers, gas carriers, bulkers, general cargo, reefer, RoRo, log ships, and container vessels.



ALBAR SHIPPING AND TRADING CORPORATION expanded its manning/crewing services by establishing three subsidiary companies from 1985 to 1987. ESCOBAR SHIPPING CORPORATION, JUBAR SHIPPING CORPORATION and SUN SHIPPING CORPORATION have been founded, not just to recruit and render crewing services, but also, to serve as "disponent ship owners," or bareboat charterers. They meet the demands of principals/ship managers who wish to have their vessels registered under the Philippine flag.

To date, we have slots for handling up to 15 vessels under the Philippine Flag. Vessels which are Philippine registered (PRVs) are manned by a full-complement of Filipino seamen, all certified and competent in accordance with  STCW 95, and registered with a union accredited by the Philippine government and the International Tradeworkers Federation (ITF).

The advantage of having one's vessel registered as  PRV will mean a great reduction in terms of costs without having to sacrifice the quality of the manning service.

For more information regarding PRVs, please email us.

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