The Albar Group of Companies envisions itself as an organization within the Philippine business community that is family to its members and its associates. It strives to better itself through a continuous process of reengineering thereby delivering quality goods and services to its internal and external customers.


As a member of the Philippine maritime community, the Albar Group of Companies provides opportunities to Filipino seafarers for jobs in foreign-owned vessels. It also pursues the development and growth of its members, in particular, its seafarers, through continuous value inculcation and skills training in order to be competitive in the global maritime arena. It assures its principals' vessels of quality and efficient service every time they dock at any given Philippine port.

In the field of horticulture and animal husbanding, the Albar Group of Companies delivers quality products and services to its clients.


Maintain a roster of good and qualified seafarers, in particular, officers for
both deck and engine departments;

Recruit, update, and continually train its pool of ratings to make them meet the
standards and demands of the international shipping industry, and
the company's principals. This includes the insistence that ratings strive for
promotions to become officers in order to meet with the dearth of officers
in the worldwide seafarer population;

Streamline and improve the policies and operational procedures of its
member companies.


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